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The Consulting and Investment Company for Israeli, UK and Polish Businesses in EU

We are a consulting company for small and large businesses.
Our mission is to help European market leaders
in establishing trade relations
between Israel, Poland and UK and tech-up.

/ˌsɛr ənˈdɪp/ (n) finding something good
without looking for it

Enhancing business relations

We develop friendly relationships and branched network for Israeli and the EU entrepreneurs on a huge scale.

Creating the environment

In our advanced ecosystem companies, start-ups, hi-tech firms, investors and entrepreneurs can benefit each other. We cooperate with governments to intensify our efforts.

High-tech expansion

We help to obtain EU funds, investors, accelerators and connect Polish, British and Israeli companies to carry out new hi-tech projects.

Cybersecurity risk

We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional cybersecurity solutions based on risk management that help you verify efficiency and costs. No more spending money on unnecessary cyber software solutions!

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Who we are?

Get to know us!

Serendip is not only a company but rather an ECOSYSTEM.
Its architecture is based on three pillars investments, consulting, and complete digital offer.

We are bridging the gap between European and Israeli business. We assist companies every step of the way providing comprehensive assistance for Israeli companies entering the European market and help business from EU to benefit Israeli high-tech and cybersecurity ecosystem.

More than a consulting company

Comprehensive consulting services | Marketing and strategy  | Gain the EU funds | Registration help and complex administrative support| Cybersecurity risk management | Networking | Israel | Poland |  United Kingdom

Our mission

Our aim is to provide reliable funds, transfer of technology and experts between the CE and Israel.

We’re Working Together With:

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Our Offer

Knowledge and experience tailored to your needs
Innovative and the most effective risk management

Advanced cybersecurity consulting based on the most innovative

Israeli ecosystem

Serendip offers services in the field of cybersecurity consulting. We help clients at every stage of creating reliable and tailor-made security strategies, regardless of their level of advancement.

Our approach to cybersecurity is based on risk. We can calculate the predicted range of losses for each risk, expressed in USD/EURO.
We know how significant the real value is to our clients, i.e. the measurability of the effects of our work and the possibility of calculating the return on investmentno more spending money on unnecessary cyber software and hardware or feeling lost in the multitude of cybersecurity tools available on the market.

In cooperation with renowned Israeli training centres and world-leading experts, we have also created our unique educational offer aimed at providing the most current knowledge about cyber threats in an accessible way and defending against them. We offer training dedicated to investors, members of the management staff and employeesfrom beginners to experts.

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Why Israel is a Leader in Cybersecurity?

Cyber risk

As the only Polish company, we are providing for your organization advanced, financial-term based risk assessment and management of cybersecurity risks – based on explainable mathematics and measurements, not intuition.

Created for boards

We understand, what type of information must be passed to board members in order to make well-informed and cost-efficient decisions. Through our help, you will see cybersecurity as a business enabler, not business limiter.


Our offer includes cybersecurity trainings for management, VIPs, investors, employees and IT specialists. Our trainers are world-class cybersecurity experts, which will help you learn cutting-edge knowledge and get your dream certificates.

Israeli ecosystem

Israel is world’s second country in sales of cybersecurity solutions. Through focusing on your organisation real needs, we help you to choose best, applicable and cost-wise solutions from this wide market.

We Work Together With:

Serendip’s Partners

Risk-based cybersecurity consulting

We are providing quantitative risk assessment for our clients.

After identifying risks and risk tolerance, we are able to propose different mitigation options. All of our work is complementary to the ISO 31000 risk management process and is delivering real, measurable value for our clients.

Furthermore, we can train your employees, IT staff and management in the field of cybersecurity. Our experts with world-class experience can audit/pentest your systems, provide you with a professional evaluation and help you choose best, state of the artcybersecurity solutions.

Step 1 – strategy and market research

Let’s talk about your strengths.

Through detailed analysis,
we can answer questions such as:
  • How much risk do we have?
  • What are our top risks?
  • How is our risk trending vs. appetite?
  • Have we reduced risk?
  • What type of loss can we except?
  • What is the cost/benefit of this project?
Knowledge and experience tailored to your needs


We will help you set up and adopt the best strategy.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is half the battle. We help you to evaluate and utilise them in the best way for your company and as effectively as possible on the Polish market.

Step 2 – strategy and market research

Let’s talk about your strengths.

A good strategy is crucial:
  • we help Israeli and other foreign companies take part in tenders in Poland and UK
  • we help EU companies take part in tenders in Israel
  • entering high tech fields
  • finding and testing new markets
  • business strategy building
  • we help to become independent from agents
  • we can manage the distribution of goods and services
Business to business – people to people

and partnership:

The right people are your key

to success. We make direct connections for you.

We know how important is for every business to cooperate with the right people. We work only with the best. We connect you with the contacts you need and create an elaborate network to build a healthy business ecosystem.

Step 2 – contacts

Planting seeds in the appropriate ground.

Do you know where to go with your company?
  • we put a great deal of effort into effectively searching for business partners between EU and Israel
  • we find investors and investments, appropriate partners for business cooperation, reliable suppliers and distributors
  • we ensure full support for Israeli companies in communicating with government institutions and offices

IV. Events organization

Build your success

Come and meet potential partners

to cooperate with

There are some events where your company only needs to show up to learn of and get to know potential partners and competition. We know where you have to be and how, we can also organise events and conferences that will serve your company.

Step 3 – Let the world hear about you

Who are you looking for? Who is looking for you?

Do you know where to go with your company?
  • we give companies the chance to take part in key events taking place in EU and Israel
  • we organise events and meetings that create a space for making new contacts and establishing new cooperation, providing favourable and casual conditions for one to get to know potential new business partners in an atmosphere of creativity
  • event services
  • company representation at events and trade fairs
  • attending trade fairs
  • cooperation with NGOs


The most important informations


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